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Types of Insurance Coverage That Every Church Should Have

Church Insurance Coverage

Churches are a place where groups of people can get together for multiple things, such as funeral services, weddings, and religious ceremonies. However, these large gatherings expose churches to the potential of liability. Insurance for churches may be needed for lawsuits or for employees of the church and it is absolutely essential. In this article, we will discuss the types of insurance coverage that every church should have to maintain the ministry’s financial security.

Event Coverage

Make sure to check your policy and see if there is coverage for special events held in or by the church. If it doesn’t, it is important that you request it to be added. If your church hosts events for holidays or celebrations, you will want this covered in case of an emergency. This coverage is especially important when you hold events inside the church.

Church Insurance Coverage

Coverage For the Entire Property

Property insurance is required for churches that own the actual church structure and any personal property within the church. It also covers furnishings, landscaping, and valuable or historical items inside the church like pews or the church organ. Property coverage protects you in the event of theft, fire, or other unfortunate events. For rebuilding after an unplanned problem, property insurance is a lifesaver.

The premium for property coverage of your church comes down to a few things: square footage, the year of construction, and any new construction or renovations that have been made. Property coverage can also include coverage for any automobiles you may use at the church, such as vans or buses. It is good to have this insurance when operating a vehicle for the church as it covers any injuries or damages to the vehicle.

Church Insurance Coverage

General Liability Coverage

General liability insurance is required in the event that members of the church or others sue. There are two types of coverage: injury, such as a fall, and damage to property. The church must be prepared for any situation in which someone could sue, and an unexpected financial situation pops up. 

Church Insurance Coverage

Additional Liability Coverage Options

Because general liability insurance doesn’t cover every situation, additional liability coverage may be needed. There are several types of liability coverage you should consider, such as sexual misconduct, pastoral counseling in cases of mental illness support, church security, freedom of religion, Employment Practices Liability, youth safety, infection/disease outbreak, and many more. Pastoral Counseling; Church Security; Freedom of Religion; Volunteer Safety; Youth Safety and Infection Disease Outbreak. 

EPL insurance is one of the most important additional coverage options for churches, especially in the event of an accusation. If an employee files a lawsuit, this insurance covers the legal costs and damages. EPL insurance is also available to cover legal charges such as discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination. When you think about liability insurance, it is important to include all employees, trustees and board members. This will protect the church against financial loss resulting from a board decision.

Cyber liability insurance is another type of insurance you might not even know about, especially when it comes to churches. If a church has electronic data or computers, this type of insurance is beneficial. Cyber liability insurance covers the costs, including legal fees and claims,  of recovering from cyber attacks, computer viruses, and data breaches.

Church Insurance Coverage

Employee Coverage

Insurance for the employees of your church is also very important. The church is a business with employees when you really look at it. Basic coverage is essential for employees, especially health insurance, as it can attract more people to your church. This has especially been important in the last year and a half with the coronavirus impact on churches.

You should also obtain Workers’ Compensation Insurance for your employees so that the church can be protected from any claim by an employee who is injured while working at the church. All mission trips that employees go on should also be covered. 

Coverage For Mission Trips

Mission insurance can provide coverage in the case of emergencies, such as medical care or kidnapping, while on mission trips. If your mission goes out of the country, you may need separate coverage, but there is worldwide liability coverage that will help you in those cases. 

Do not forget that employees who travel will require medical coverage, especially if there is an unforeseen emergency. As we have already mentioned, kidnap and ransom insurance is essential. You will need insurance to cover losses if you travel in high-crime areas.

Church Insurance Coverage


Church insurance is essential to protect your place for worship, regardless of whether you have one church or many properties with many employees. You do not want to be caught unprepared at any time as a church owner! Unexpected events such as an employee injury, fire or theft, or even something that happens on a mission trip, are all possible. Call a local insurance agent today to discuss church insurance and what it covers!!

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