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Buying a Home in Greenville SC


Find Houses in Greenville SC at a Price That Will Fit Your Budget

If you enjoy the thrill of shopping and a little adventure in your life, living in Greenville, SC may be just the ticket. There are a number of interesting things about Greenville SC that make it an interesting place to live. Not only is it diverse but it is also home to some America’s most historical sites.

Greenville SC Real Estate

houses in Greenville SC

If you are considering moving to Greenville SC but are not sure how much houses in Greenville cost, you may be interested to know how much houses in Greenville cost in your area. Here are some things you should know about how houses in Greenville SC are priced.

The typical home value of homes in Greenville is $232,000. This value is seasonally adjusted and only includes the middle price tier of homes. Greenville home values have gone up over ten percent in the past 12 months.

  • The median list price of a home in Greenville is $192,000
  • The average price per square foot of homes for sale in Greenville is $122 per square foot
  • The median square footage of a home in Greenville is 1,574

How Are Greenville Homes Purchased?

In Greenville, SC, many homes are sold through a private sale called a cash offer. This means that a private party has agreed to buy the home for less than the market value of the home. Since many first time home buyers are more enticed by a cash offer, the number of homes in Greenville SC that are sold through a cash offer are far higher than the average number of homes sold during the real estate boom.

Buying a Home in Greenville SC

Before you buy houses in Greenville SC, you should learn about the different types of cash offers. A cash offer is one in which the seller agrees to sell the home at a reduced price. This is done without any type of negotiation between the two parties. Most homes that are put up for a cash offer are priced much lower than they would be if they were listed with a broker or agent. Of course, it is possible to negotiate a better price if the home was listed with an agent.

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Greenville SC?

Cost of Living in Greenville vs Charleston SC

Cost of Living IndexesGreenvilleSCCharleston, SC
Overall Index: Homeowner, No Child care, Taxes Not Considered89.8111.5
Food & Groceries99.7105.6
Housing (Homeowner)81.1136.9
Median Home Cost$187,500$316,500

A salary of $50,000 in Greenville, South Carolina should increase to $63,746 in Charleston, South Carolina (assumptions include Homeowner, no Child Care, and Taxes are not considered

You should also take a look at how much it costs to live in Greenville. In Greenville, SC, housing prices are considerably cheaper than in other parts of the country. It is cheaper to live in Greenville because there are so many low cost products that are available here. One thing to keep in mind is that the homes in Greenville are not usually much larger than those found in the average metropolitan area. Living in Greenville gives home buyers the opportunity to live much smaller in a relatively close proximity to the schools, markets, and culture of the city.

Some other things that can significantly affect how much you will pay for a house in Greenville SC are the various types of public schools in Greenville. Greenville is home to many schools that are relatively affordable. In addition, many of the homes for sale in Greenville are actually located within the school districts. In some cases, the homes are even located within the school zones. You should do some research before making a final offer on any property in Greenville.

Once you learn how much houses in Greenville SC are worth, you can then determine how much you can afford to spend on a house. By using a local Realtor website such as Wessel Real Estate, you can quickly and easily compare different properties in Greenville. Click here for all of Greenville homes for sale. This will help you determine which houses in Greenville SC are priced in a reasonably reasonable way. If you want to buy houses in Greenville but do not have thousands to spare, consider using a local home buyers cash offer.

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