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Trump reportedly asks: Who's the 'pretty Korean lady'?


Trump reportedly asks: Who’s the ‘pretty Korean lady’?

The uproar over the “s—hole countries” remark attributed to President Donald Trump this week prompted some media outlets to follow up with a story about an incident that reportedly occurred in December.

Multiple reports Friday said Trump commented about a “pretty Korean lady” who attended an Oval Office briefing.

The unidentified woman was reportedly an expert in hostage policy who was presenting information to him about an impending release of a family long held in Pakistan, the Guardian reported, citing an NBC News report

Trump then proceeded to ask her where she was from, to which she answered “New York.”

He was reportedly not satisfied with the answer, Newsweek reported, so she said “Manhattan.”

Finally, the president asked where her “people” were from, the Guardian reported.

The analyst then said her parents were from South Korea, the Hill reported.

Trump then asked a nearby adviser why the “pretty Korean lady” was not leading negotiations with North Korea on behalf of the White House.

The analyst is reportedly trained in hostage negotiations, not diplomacy, the report said.

Source: Trump reportedly asks: Who’s the ‘pretty Korean lady’?

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