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De Blasio to travel 'all around' America, denies it's a dry run for WH campaign


De Blasio to travel ‘all around’ America, denies it’s a dry run for WH campaign

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Sunday he’ll be taking new trips across the country in support of the left, sending out new signals of White House hopes while denying it’s a dry run for a presidential bid.

Since coming to City Hall in Jan. 2014, de Blasio has traveled outside the U.S. at least 11 times, including trips to Italy, Germany and France, and has taken trips outside the city at least 53 times — not including trips to Albany and Washington, D.C., The New York Post reported.

Looking to become a national leader in progressive politics, de Blasio has stated that Democrats must embrace a progressive agenda to win elections in the future.

He even offered muted praise for President Donald Trump in how he conveyed an “economic vision for fairness.”

“That’s something Bernie Sanders did a great job with in 2016, and bluntly, Trump got a lot of that message out and attracted a lot of people,” he said during a radio interview with John Catsimatidis. “That should not be a message that someone like Trump can beat Democrats on.”

“Democrats have to have the strongest most progressive message of economic change and fairness, so I think that’s even more important than a single leader emerging,” de Blasio continued. “I’m going to go all around the country helping to support the folks who will be part of that change and the folks who believe in that kind of vision for the party.”

De Blasio previously said he’s not running for president and will serve all four years of his second and final term in office.

He won re-election handily in November, becoming the first Democrat to return to City Hall in New York since Edward Koch won a third term in 1985.

He boasted about the city recording the lowest number of annual homicides since the early 1950s. The police department’s preliminary count is 290 homicides for 2017, a 14 percent drop from the year before.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

Source: De Blasio to travel ‘all around’ America, denies it’s a dry run for WH campaign

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